Delco Water

Pure, clean, and safe drinking water heads the list of fundamental needs for every individual, community, industry and country in the world. Demand for quality water sources is growing, driven by increased public health concerns, aging infrastructure, and publicity surrounding water-related hazardous incidents. Delco Water has been solving industrial and municipal client’s water treatment problems since 1994.

Delco Water is a premier water treatment solution provider and equipment integrator. When it comes to water treatment, we understand that each community, municipality, or company is different. Each community has unique water quality concerns that require tailored treatment solutions. Delco’s customized approach has allowed them to design, manufacture, commission, and service water and wastewater treatment equipment throughout North America. Delco Water’s method of tailoring each system to the individual needs of the client has resulted in safe drinking water for countless municipalities, First Nation communities, and industrial and commercial end users.

Delco Water offers a line of reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane treatment units. Their product offerings also include biological filtration, media filtration, containerized systems, as well as home RO systems. In addition to water treatment, Delco Water also specializes in wastewater treatment facilities.

Water treatment is always evolving, and so is Delco Water. Come check out Delco Water’s redesigned website to read more about their water treatment products and services.