Delco Water

Pure, clean, and safe drinking water heads the list of fundamental needs for every individual, community, industry and country in the world. Demand for quality water sources is growing, driven by increased public health concerns, aging infrastructure, and publicity surrounding water-related hazardous incidents. Delco Water has been solving industrial and municipal client’s water treatment problems since 1994. We have successfully completed 100’s of water & wastewater treatment automation and control projects. Delco Water is pleased to have been involved in several projects for which the consulting firms have won technical innovation awards. Browse our portal to learn more about Delco Water.

Delco Water offers a line of reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF), ultra-filtration (UF), micro-filtration (MF), Membrane De-Gasification, and Media Filtration membrane treatment units for treating municipal and industrial water applications. Delco Water’s membrane process expertise is driven by a team of professional engineers who are highly regarded in their field. Delco Water has revolutionized membrane treatment technology with an innovative control system with unrivalled intelligence and predictive analysis tradenamed HydraMax™. Information and product datasheets are not currently available online. Contact Sales at Delco Water for more information.

Delco Water has specialized knowledge in all processes related to the treatment of water and wastewater due to our extensive work in automating these facilities.