Mission & Vision

Delco Automation has been adding value to our clients’ operations for more than two decades. We are differentiated in the market because of our key corporate values and our culture. Our values embrace customer success by offering knowledgeable Engineers and Technologists who are practical in their approach to the economics and technical application of the total solutions we provide. Our leadership, business systems, and procedures are designed to ensure this culture is promoted and maintained.

Our Vision

“Making the world a better place through the use of technology.”

Our Mission

  • We will exploit our engineering, systems and software know-how to deliver all the practical benefits of all Delco’s offered products and services.
  • We will aggressively remain in pursuit of the best ideas and technologies, while remaining focused on our customers’ price and delivery expectations.
  • We will listen to our customers and respond with customized turn-key solutions that add value and are differentiated by innovative and simplified application.
  • We will deliver flexible design/build solutions and exceptional service and support to make sure each and every customer is 100% satisfied.

Accomplishing Our Mission Means

  • Demonstrating professionalism, creativity, and fairness when dealing with all our customers, our suppliers, our community and us.
  • Building enduring relationships and partnerships.
  • Prizing intellectual capital by investing in our people to grow our knowledge base through continual learning and acquisition of new skills and technologies.
  • Fostering a challenging work environment that creates new opportunities and rewards innovation, hard work and teamwork.
  • Pursuing market segments with emphasis and geographic areas that can be supported locally over the long term and that meet our growth and profit targets.