Our Niche

What sets us apart?

One Source of Responsibility

We are a specialized breed of contractor called a Systems Integrator. As a reputable Systems Integrator we invest in technological expertise as well as expertise in all aspects of the complete project life cycle – from engineering to manufacturing to installation to commissioning. We have installed all of the necessary business processes and insurances to assure that our customers’ projects are completed to their success with the least possible risk.

Delco Automation satisfies the needs of industry, under one roof, with one source of responsibility, to insure tight integration between all of the necessary sub-systems; from raw data management to the hardware and software used to control the process, to reporting performance metrics to business systems. This is a core competitive advantage for Delco Automation , and a benefit to the client, as historically this required the services of multiple companies, with the potential for multiple communication breakdowns, and responsibilities. It enables us to work a tight schedule, improve project communications, and provide the customer with one source of responsibility for the entire system.

Our standardized document and drawing control keeps the projects on track, and provides the information needed to insure client maintainability. Our peoples’ commitment, drive, and advanced use of technology results in unrivalled productivity and quality.

Vendor Neutral

We are vendor neutral. Independent from vendors and manufacturers, Delco Automation integrates the most cost-effective products with the least risk for the distinct needs of our clients. As a matter of policy, we will not be bound by any exclusivity agreements or commercial incentives that would hinder us from integrating the most valuable systems for our customers.


Delco Automation provides automation and controls engineering services to a diversified range of sectors in market place. This insures that our organization is not subject to the business environment of one industry. The benefit to our customers is our long term viability. This diversification also provides our organization with a tremendous cross-pollination of technologies and knowledge to apply to other sectors.

Effective Project Management

Delco Automation takes the management of your project very seriously and we are not happy unless we can complete your work on-time and within budget. In fact, we take project management so seriously that we had to develop a multiple project portfolio management tool because there has been nothing available on the market as effective or as simple-to-use.

Our solution is DelcoNucleus™ and it is a corporate-wide networked project management system that functions much like a graphical central control system in a plant. With color-coded status indication of deliverables, alarms generated on key deadlines, real-time labor and materials tracking, resource allocation and scheduling, our project managers are armed with every detail of the project at the press of a button. Quality control is incorporated into the system with our standardized work-flow checklists included to ensure nothing can be forgotten.