Our People

Our People & Leadership

Leadership is the key to Delco Automation’s success and creation of value-added benefits for our clients. At Delco Automation, leadership is the key to our culture, and we view Delco Automation’s people as leaders in their areas of responsibility. Our managers are driven, energetic, global thinkers who constantly challenge the status quo to find better ways to do things.

We reinforce our high-speed culture with continuous improvement plans. The continuous improvement plans include driving high-performance work teams through specially tailored management by objectives programs. Our culture encourages long-term thinking and rewards continuous improvement. Our management methodology ensures that we look at our business the same way our shareholders do… from the perspective of creating value. To accomplish that, we focus on turning managers into leaders and employees into owners.

Drive - Demonstrate - Decide - Deliver

The 4-D’s of Delco Leadership

The personal Drive to welcome and embrace change – enthusiastically Demonstrate passion for our business that will energize others, Decide to insure the customer is always the first beneficiary, and the ability to consistently Deliver.

The success of any project or company is dependent on management. The ability to make timely decisions, react to changing business environments and project challenges. We believe we have assembled a strong team of individuals that are specialists in their area. Our team has a relentless commitment to ensure client satisfaction, and corporate sustainability. Delco strives to continuously search for, and retain highly energetic and innovative people to compliment our organization.