Manufacturing Solutions

With over 25 years of industry experience Delco Manufacturing builds an unlimited variety of custom electrical panels suited to any application. From large PLC panels to motor starter controls to simple junction boxes, Delco can expertly build panels which meet the needs of our clients and conform to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Delco’s experienced hardware design team, led by Professional Engineers, can meet the needs of any project and produce professional quality and easily understandable drawings for electrical contractors and maintenance staff. Delco can also build panels based on 3rd party design drawings, if required, to meet to the needs of the project. The same level of QA/QC will be applied to ensure top tier product quality. 

Delco's staff are certified by CSA, and every panel which is built in Delco's shop adheres to strict QA/QC guidelines.

Additional certifications are available as required to meet the individual needs of the customer application.

Manufacturing Facility

Delco’s advanced 86,000 square foot facility, centrally located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is fully equipped with everything needed to produce high quality control panels as well as water/wastewater treatment systems as part of our Delco Water division. In addition to Delco’s electrical panel technicians, Delco also employs numerous manufacturing technicians who are certified pipefitters. Our facilities and staff enable us to fully build and factory test equipment in house prior to shipment.

Standard of Quality and Safety

With our team of certified electricians, plumbers, and panel technicians, we ensure everything is built with standards of quality and safety in mind. All our control panels and pre-wired skids carry CSA certification and are inspected prior to delivery.