Delco Water Services

Delco Water is a full service systems integrator. We perform site surveys to investigate your production and quality issues, engineering feasibility studies identifying opportunities for quality and/or performance improvements for your plant, prepare conceptual designs used in budgeting and project approvals, engineering and manufacturing, electrical contracting as required, commissioning, and post-implementation support.

The Delco Water team can make your water and wastewater problems disappear. We offer customizable service and support packages that will satisfy your particular needs, and on a reasonable budget that we know our customers appreciate.

Site Surveys

If you are considering retrofitting your existing facility with membrane filtration, or evaluating the need for a new membrane filtration plant, call us. We can schedule the installation of one of our portable skids to your water source, and demonstrate how easy it is to operate the new filtration system, and produce very high quality water from your source, including surface water. Contact Sales for release dates and availability.

Feasibility Studies

Based upon our findings in operating the pilot plant, we will present you a number of configuration options (membrane de-gasification, media filtration, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, and reverse osmosis) suited to your site, and requirements. The cost, schedule risks and benefits are highlighted for each of the options listed in the study, and we recommend a course of action to proceed to the next step.

Conceptual Design

The conceptual design provides a description of the recommended process. This includes descriptions of all major equipment, control loops (e.g. pH control, chemical injection, control states), and human-machine interfaces. The conceptual design includes cost, schedule and resource estimates. Delco Water offers a line of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nano Filtration (NF), Ultra Filtration (UF), Micro Filtration (MF), Membrane De-Gasification, and Media Filtration membrane units for treating surface or well water applications. Delco Water designs and integrates complex membrane treatment units combining different membrane modules, such as RO/NF and RO/UF.


Delco Water may assume many roles in a construction or retrofit project. We may act as a contractor or subcontractor. We can take on the consulting engineering role. We can supply a “turnkey” water treatment plant, delivered to your site on a skid.


We have extensive experience in retrofitting new controls, or new filtration systems into existing plants. Our commissioning team, with years of water treatment experience, has “seen it all before”, and is capable of uncovering and solving problems on-site, as they occur. They have an enviable track record in getting retrofit projects up and operating with the absolute minimum of downtime.

Support During Operations

Water utilities and suppliers are between two countervailing pressures. On one side, cost and quality pressures demand higher technology for filtration and plant control. On the other, there is growing scrutiny by governments. Governments are demanding licensed, trained operators at sites, and periodic reporting of quality, and instantaneous reporting of quality “violations”. The conflict between these opposite forces is particularly acute for smaller suppliers (20 to 200 gpm).

Delco Water is acutely aware of the needs of the smaller producer, and offers the following solutions:

  • Regular and periodic training of staff
  • Very easy to use controls
  • Data reporting in terms the operator understands
  • Continuous quality monitoring at the site, with immediate notification of violations, via radio, telephone, or wireless e-mail.
  • 7/24 remote monitoring of your plant’s operation, with pre-emptive suggestions to your operator, when we see an early trend potentially leading to difficulties.

Examples of our service oriented Clients include:

  • Cameco
  • Foam Lake
  • Tisdale
  • Maple Creek

“Virtually, for any equipment control requirements, we have the expertise!”