Delco Security Services

Delco Security is capable of overall project management and general contracting for the total scope of a facility’s integrated security system. We will work with you or your architect/engineer to design the entire integrated system including control centers, cabling networks, access control, and surveillance systems. We have extensive experience with retrofit projects. We have installed many new integrated security systems, replacing older systems in stages, while maintaining the security of a populated site.


Engineering Design

A project usually begins with discussions with the customer related to their capital expansion program, or renovation program. We actively listen to their description of the needs the new facility is to address, and the special considerations or risks. Based upon these inputs we develop a conceptual design providing a description of the entire system, the benefits it brings to the facility. Features and configuration of each subsystem are also described. An equipment list of COTS (commercial off the shelf) hardware and software is prepared. Also, a preliminary description of the operator interface, the printed reports and data logging features are included in the conceptual design. Along with the conceptual design we provide our project plan consisting of the list of stakeholders, (the owner, consulting engineers, contractors etc.) the cost, schedule, milestones and deliverables.

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System Testing

Delco Security has excellent relationships with the key equipment manufacturers in this market. Delco Security creates the detailed hardware designs and develops and tests the software. Delco procures all the equipment and stages it in our shop where it undergoes extensive factory acceptance tests (FAT). The customer is welcome, in fact encouraged, to come to our offices to witness the FAT to ensure all features meet or exceed their expectations before installation.


Installation & Commissioning

Our people have decades of experience in the design, installation and commissioning of integrated security systems in the most sensitive and secured of facilities – maximum security correctional centers. We understand security environments. We have an excellent track record in replacing older equipment with our systems in retrofit situations in maximum security prisons, while maintaining reliable security at all times. DelcoSecurity has a credentialed security screening program installed to ensure that all our of site personnel are security cleared to the highest standards.

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24/7/365 Support Programs

Call us at any time any day. A control system expert, knowledgeable about your system will answer within 30 minutes, and is ready to answer your questions, diagnose system problems, and, if necessary, dispatch field engineers to your site.

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“Virtually, for any equipment control requirements, we have the expertise!”