Delco Security

Delco Security Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Delco Automation, Inc., is a 100% Canadian owned and operated Security integration firm.  Our core expertise lies within complex integration security and life safety projects.  Whether the project requires developing an approach to maximize security operational efficiency or designing an easy way of combining your systems for instant Emergency Communication, Delco offers an unmatched portfolio of professional services.

Founded in 1994, we operate all across Canada and have stringent business processes and insurances to assure that our projects are completed to their success with the least possible risk.

There are three characteristics that set Delco apart:

Superior Technical Talent – Delco Security is a specialized breed of “Systems Integrator”, we have differentiating ability’s in system consolidation that take us to a much deeper level than most “integrators”.  As a key component to our success as a Systems Integrator we retain and train Engineers and Technicians with both an advanced knowledge of technologies, and with expertise in the construction management process.   Our field staff has earned computer science degrees or are accredited electrical engineers.

Professional Project Management – Independent from vendors and manufacturers, Delco engineers takes a hands on, direct approach from beginning to end.   We integrate the most cost effective products for the distinct needs of our clients. Our standardized document and drawing control keeps the projects on track, and provides the information needed to insure client maintainability. Our team’s commitment, drive, and advanced use of technology results in unrivalled productivity and quality.

Responsible for true Integration – To date, we are the only Canadian skillset specifically focusing on the most important piece of any project – making sure the systems work together specifically for the customer’s needs.  This is of most importance to our clients, we have the ability to integrate any system into a seamless solution for every project challenge and deliver that solution wherever the project is located … on time and within budget.