Delco Security Products

Delco Security is a professional security systems integration contractor and we remain vendor neutral to serve our clients with the best available solutions for their unique requirements. We promote commercial-off-the-shelf/open systems which permits for scalable solutions with a maximum life-cycle.

We have installed some of the largest and most highly integrated security systems in the country. We can provide you with a reliable networked security system that integrates a myriad of security subsystems including:

  • Door & gate control
  • Passive and active personnel duress
  • Perimeter and rooftop intrusion detection
  • Analog and digital CCTV, and DVR’s
  • Public address systems
  • Intercom
  • Access control including biometrics
  • Voice-over IP Telephony
  • Utility control (power, lighting, & entertainment TV)
  • HVAC & Fire alarm integration


Integrated Security Systems
DelcoSecurity’s integrated security solution is based on open-architecture software and hardware platforms to maximize the life-cycle of your investment. With our Apex command and control posts, guards can view and control cell doors, initiate paging and annunciation, initiate and receive intercom and cell calls. The guard may also select, view, and record surveillance video images from all the CCTV cameras inside and outside the buildings. Support has been developed for leading manufacturers of CCTV, access control, intercom, fire alarm, and HVAC products. The APEX security solution may support one building, or may monitor and control multiple buildings in a facility.

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