Delco Manufacturing

Delco Automation offers extremely skilled technicians to furnish CSA electrical control panels for your next project. We provide the best practices in the industry to deliver your electrical control panels directly to your site; they are pretested and shipped to ensure reliable operation upon arrival.

We can manufacture the majority of your custom CSA electrical control panels- from DCS, PLC, RTU, and Operator Consoles to Custom Motor Control and Power Products.

We have delivered 1000’s of electrical and control projects to a diverse range of industries. Major industries include: water/wastewater, mining, security, manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemical, food & beverage, forestry, pulp & paper, agriculture.


Delco Manufacturing Services

With over 25 years of industry experience Delco Manufacturing builds an unlimited variety of custom electrical panels suited to any application. From large PLC panels to motor starter controls to simple junction boxes, Delco can expertly build panels which meet the needs of our clients and conform to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Delco’s advanced facility is 86,000 square feet and is fully equipped with everything needed to produce high quality water treatment plants as well as automation/control panels. Delco also employs numerous manufacturing technicians who are certified pipefitters. Our facilities and staff enable us to fully build and factory test equipment in house prior to shipment.

Delco’s staff are certified by CSA, and every panel which is built in Delco’s shop adheres to strict QA/QC guidelines.

Additional certifications are available as required to meet the individual needs of the customer application.


Delco Manufacturing Products

Industrial Control Panels

  • Indoor/Outdoor, NEMA 4x, and 12 ratings
  • Class I, Division 1 and 2 explosion-proof and instrinsically-safe marshalling panels and junction boxes
  • Environmentally controlled cabinets- electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic 
  • PLC, DCS, SCADA RTU, CPU, and I/O Enclosures
  • SCADA RTU panels
  • Shielded Encloses for RF – sensitive communications and electronics equipment
  • Pneumatic Instrument and Metering Panels

Operator Control Consoles

  • Operator Interface Stations (CRT, LCD, TFT Flat-panel)
  • Operator Consoles (stainless steel and brass-plated)
  • Lamacoid, Silkscreen, and modular tile systems

Custom Motor Control

Delco Automation is your best resource to provide your next engineered MCC. Significant cost savings and an increased level of efficiency and quality can be achieved when Delco mounts and wires input/output racks, AV variable speed, and soft-starts.

Shorter Delivery Times

Historically, MCC Manufacturers have had difficulty responding to quick deliveries on engineered MCC orders. Depending on the size and complexity of your engineered MCC order, the manufacturer may respond with 2, 3, or even 4 month lead times of delivered products. The lead times increase even more if the customer is location in regions further from manufacturer’s facility or during the manufacturer’s peak demand periods.

Delco Automation will order standard MCC section s(Class I) and other loose components with typical 2-3 week lead times. Depending on the size and complexity of the order, Delco Automation can custom wire and ship your engineered MCC order within 3-5 weeks.

Quality Assured

Delco Automation commonly installs PLC I/O racks, soft-starts, and VFD’s in MCCs. This corresponding high volume lends itself to quality wiring, quality labelling, quality documentation, and quality testing- to a degree not easily achievable by one-of-a-kind field wiring approaches. Delco Automation has a team of in-house engineers & technicians that perform the necessary I/O checks and will input the specified VFD configurations using the latest software tools.

Reduced Start-Up Time

The customer also benefits from reduced start-up time – a time when inter-wiring problems are most costly, a time when the customer needs to get on line and running. The customer will not face time consuming corrective wiring during start-up because Class II means wiring is completed and tested before shipment to the customer’s job site.

These added values are inherent benefits of Class II wiring; benefits in addition to the cost savings found when MCC inter-wiring is done by Delco Automation.

OEM Solutions

Delco Automation provides innovative and cost-effective automation & control solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We are the manufacturers’ best resource to engineer, CSA manufacture, and service custom control packages which are all available under one roof.

Pump Control Packages include:

  • Water treatment filtration
  • Legal-for-trade Batch weighing systems
  • Industrial and commercial ovens
  • Industrial and commercial paint booths
  • Environmental control packages
  • Compressor controls
  • Heater and dryer controls

Power Products (600VAC/2000a)

Delco Automation also provides custom power products to 600VAC/2000A including:

  • Power Distribution Centers (PDC’s)
  • Central Distribution Panels (CDP’s)
  • Customer breaker switch boards (wall mount and freestanding)
  • Substation Protection and Control Panels
  • Generator Control Panels
  • Service Entrance (600VAC/2000A)
  • Phase Converters

“Virtually, for any equipment control requirements, we have the expertise!”