Automation Software and Hardware Design Standards

Since 1994, Delco’s Automation and Manufacturing divisions have provided panel design, control panel manufacturing, plant integration, programming, and commissioning services. Delco Automation creates a completely integrated package including the treatment controls, plant controls, alarm annunciation, reporting, analytics, and even building security providing our partners and end users a consistent, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

As an industry leader, Delco both sets and capitalizes on modern industry developments, including following the latest ISA-101 guidelines for high performance Human Machine Interface (HMI) design. An example of this is our application of colour with purpose to draw attention to a problem quickly, such as situational awareness. The guidelines also enable a newer workforce by supporting the easy identification of plant parameters as normal, starting to fall outside of normal range, or actively in an alarm state.

Delco’s object orientated, modular programming approach provides consistency between objects and enables efficient programming. By applying these standards and templates, both ongoing maintenance and future upgrades are less complex.

Delco understands that some customers may require their service providers to adapt to and build within current system and programming standards. Delco can provide a completely custom solution which fits into the existing plant architecture and design standards. Delco’s hardware design team is comprised of experienced professionals who adhere to all the standards of the Canadian Electrical Code and CSA. Every design is reviewed in detail with input by a Professional Engineer to guarantee safety and quality.

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