Manufacturers are discovering the global marketplace to be more accessible then ever. This means that now, more then ever, a tighter watch must be kept on operations and maintenance budgets. Effective automation infrastructure and strategies are the key. Delco Automation can design and install cost effective automation and control platforms that will reduce your input costs and maximize your output and product quality. Delco Automation has been serving the discrete and process manufacturing industry since our inception. Our people have helped manufacturers with their automation needs in a broad range of products including plastics, rope & twine, fiber optics, agricultural machinery, industrial ovens, industrial powder coated paint booths, industrial grain dryers, industrial heaters, wheelchair lifts, steel pipe, newsprinting presses, golf course irrigation systems, and the list goes on…Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) prefer Delco Automation because they know we listen carefully to their unique requirements. And, they know they will have peace of mind shipping our products anywhere in the world. They prefer our “1-source of responsibility” approach that includes engineering and CSA-approved manufacturing of electrical panel products. OEM’s are often pleased to discover how economical it is to outsource their electrical and controls products to DelcoAutomation versus using their own resources. They are realizing the benefits of focussing 100% of their efforts on the value-adds they bring to their product, and relying on Delco Automation to keep them current with the latest in automation.

Our process manufacturing customers are comfortable relying on our engineers and technicians because they know we use the best tools in the business to maintain tight control of their process control loops and process equipment performance.

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Read on to learn more about some of our success stories:



Monofilament Twine (Pull Line)

Pull Line. It’s used for pulling rope or wire through conduit. It’s made of continuous monofilament fibers that can easily be pulled or vacuumed through conduit. Individually shrink-wrapped center pull spools dispense line conveniently and prevent tangling. Bridon Cordage was on a fast-track mission to expand their pull line facility in Saskatoon. They ran into challenges retrofitting variable speed drive equipment into the new production lines. To further complicate matters, they had a multitude of temperature controlled baths that were operating without stability. The quality of the twine could have been compromised.

Bridon Cordage contacted DelcoAutomation to get the systems working….and fast. Production had to commence immediately. DelcoAutomation deployed a team of professionals to the site. After an initial site review, our people got busy designing control panels and software to get the system running. ExperTune software was also deployed to ensure all temperature loops were optimized. The start-up was a tremendous success, and Delco Automation is pleased to continue providing ongoing services to Bridon Cordage.

Case Profile: Bridon Cordage

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Batch Powder & Oven Booths

An OEM for batch powder paint and oven booths came to Delco Automation with commitments to their customer on product features and delivery. The product had to be delivered on-time and within budget – no exceptions. To add to the challenge, the OEM committed to incorporating next-generation technologies into the product. The OEM contacted Delco Automation six weeks prior to required completion to design and install an integrated control system for the dual paint and oven booth assembly. Delco Automation rose to the challenge.

The result is a batch powder and oven booth system with unrivalled performance and reliability. There has been zero servicing of this control system since final installation. T he batch oven features high performance control algorithms to ensure the quickest temperature rise is achieved without overshooting the desired temperature. Once reached, the desired temperature in the oven remains rock steady. Tight control is achieved by integrating the FireEye flame management and combustion control package directly into DelcoAutomation’s primary controller.

Case Profile: HoneyBee Manufacturing

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