Municipal Water/Wastewater

Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment & Distribution

Delco Water’s water treatment automation systems tower above the competition. Infrastructure Managers, Consultants, and Contractors remain confident in selecting Delco Water as their integrator of choice because they understand that we have depth in all processes related to the distribution and treatment of water. This includes experience with a variety of different raw water sources including surface and groundwater applications. Operations and Maintenance personnel prefer Delco Water’s control systems because of their ease-of-use and access to a data mine of quality and performance statistics. Our exposure to numerous process treatment circuits including coagulation, filtration, flocculation, clarification, and disinfection provides a strong knowledge base to apply to your next water treatment project.


Conventional & Biological Filtration

Delco Water is experienced in integrating and controlling filter packages from the leading filter vendors across 100’s of water treatment projects in the industrial and municipal environment. We have developed controls for, and have integrated, countless filtration systems including greensand, biological, and pressurized carbon filtration systems.

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Membrane Filtration (Reverse Osmosis, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, & Nanofiltration)

Delco Water’s membrane process expertise is driven by a team of professional engineers who are highly regarded in their field of expertise. We have designed and integrated several membrane treatment units. This has resulted in the release of our packaged control system with unrivalled intelligence for membrane treatment units tradenamed HydraMax™ .

Delco Water offers a line of reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF), ultra-filtration (UF), micro-filtration (MF), membrane de-gasification, and media filtration membrane units for treating surface or well water applications. Project Profile : For 2 years, the Town of Maple Creek was on a boil water advisory. The Town called upon Consultants to come up with a solution and DelcoWater was enlisted to assist in designing the largest membrane treatment plant in the Province. The primary challenge was to design a facility that could treat 3 separate water sources with a single process. When the project was complete, the boil water advisory was rescinded and the Consultant was awarded excellence and merit awards in technological innovation.

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Delco Water has also been involved in designing control systems for dual train RO units and multi-stage membrane trains incorporating RO and NF modules. Delco Water designs and integrates complex membrane treatment units combining different membrane modules, such as RO/NF and RO/UF.

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Water Distribution Systems

Delco Water designs water distribution and transmission control systems to ensure your investment in piping and associated joints is maximized. Our expertise has resulted in an advanced control algorithm for pumping stations tradenamedSoftSurge ™that reduces water hammer shock in your transmission system. Our pump control stations are available in single, dual, triplex, and quad configurations and fabricated in our CSA panel products facility with quality built-in. Water transmission systems and associated pumping stations are often spread across miles of terrain. DelcoWater is a premiere supplier of SCADA systems and can design reliable wireless communication backbones to ensure all of the source water stations are operating to performance specifications.

Wastewater Treatment & Sewage Distribution

DelcoWater is a single source expert in all aspects of automation and controls for the transport and treatment of municipal sewage and wastewater. We have years of experience in hardware and software design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of a multitude of sewage lift stations, sewage distribution centers, and pollution control centers and associated reporting systems.


Pollution Control Centers

DelcoWater is proud to have been involved in designing and installing Pollution Control Center automation and control systems for 3 major municipal centers. We have acquired in-depth experience in all aspects of automating and controlling the treatment of wastewater including storage, digestion, primary, secondary, and tertiary clarification, UV and chlorination disinfection.

City of Saskatoon, H.M.Weir Pollution Control Center: Today, Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) technology is more common place, but the City of Saskatoon was one of the first Canadian cities to implement BNR during the second major expansion of their Pollution Control Center. BNR reduces the levels of phosphorous, nitrogen, and dissolved organic matter in effluent discharge. The process provides for secondary treatment of the effluent without the use of chemicals. When the Consultants had to select a control systems integrator who could successfully tackle pioneering this technology – they chose DelcoWater.

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City of Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP): During the city’s major expansion of their WWTP, DelcoWater providedHVAC/Emergency power upgrades, electrical control panel products, and instrument calibrations for the entire facility. Click here to learn more about the City of Regina’s sewage distribution system.

City of Prince Albert, J.W.Oliver Pollution Control Center : The City of Prince Albert embarked on a major upgrade to their pollution control center to achieve secondary treatment by implementing a Conventional Activated Sludge process. They selected DelcoWater as their integrator of choice to do the job.

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Sewage Lift Stations

DelcoWater has designed, built, and installed numerous control and reporting systems for sewage lift applications. Our expertise also includes the design, configuration, and installation of wireless communications centers to support remote sites – SCADA systems that centrally gather process data from remote stations. Our CSA electrical panel products division has built 100’s of single and duplex pumping stations for these applications.

The City of Regina storm sewer and wastewater distribution system is one of the largest in Saskatchewan. Products by DelcoWater are the primary control systems infrastructure for this system. You can find our systems operating reliably at Tor Hill, Maple Ridge, Boggy Creek, McArthy Blvd., Albert Park, SouthEast Sector, Westhill, Albert St., Broad St., Lewvan Dr., Arens Rd., Glencairn Rd., wastewater and storm water lift stations and Dieppe Drainage station.

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