Membrane Filtration Controllers

Intelligent Controls for Membrane Treatment Units

Delco Water’s Hydramax™ smart line of control products are pre-engineered solutions that extend and enhance membrane treatment unit performance. HydraMaxTM’s advanced algorithms ensure that Delco Water’s line of membrane units operate at their peak rated efficiency. The result?….a more consistent and trusted source of treated water and extended membrane life. In one installation, 97% of the manufacturer’s rated membrane unit performance has been recorded after 7 years of operation.

Hydramax™ is loaded with features guaranteed to satisfy the exacting standards of the most demanding operators and water analysis engineers. Several standard sizes are available to accommodate a variety of application requirements.  Click  here to learn more about some of our profiled installations.



Sampling System

The integrated sampling system provides an innovative method to minimize the costs associated with sampling multiple points. Real-time water quality analysis data is normalized to provide accurate performance metrics for the membrane treatment unit.

Predictive Operations & Maintenance

The advanced normalized performance calculations and operating conditions may be used in conjunction with the trending and historical collection to predict and prevent problems before they occur. An industrially hardened operator interface allows users to customize set points, view alarm conditions and monitor current operating conditions of the membrane treatment unit. The chemical feed system allows the user to monitor current tank levels, dosing rates and control of the chemical. The maintenance system permits the user to monitor elapsed run-time hours, start/stops, and #of actuations for all motors and valves.


Each system comes complete with detailed Operations & Maintenance Manuals including installation & maintenance friendly wiring diagrams. Optional features include a remote dial-in feature to permit off-site troubleshooting, spares, on-site start-up and our 24/7 Extended Service & Support program.

Interested in how HydraMax™ intelligence can improve the life of your membrane units? Contact Sales for more information.