Our Philosophy

Project Management

Delco Automation understands what it takes to succeed and offers innovative programme and project management services as part of automation and security performance solutions. Over the years, Delco Automation has developed a pool of experience in the consulting and systems integration industry and a sophisticated set of tools and methodologies based on that experience. We have invested extensively in developing a comprehensive project management system necessary to accommodate the demanding logistics of a portfolio of concurrent fast-track projects.

We believe the key to a successful project is a strong management plan. A plan that is relevant to the scope of work, prepared in advance with experienced people installed at each level of the work breakdown structure. Experienced people that will ensure the plan is executed properly at every stage. Further, the plan must be relevant to the goals of the Owner or the project will not be a success. A STRONG PROJECT PLAN reduces Owner RISK. A correctplan installed at the initial stages will ensure the highest chance for project success.

What contributes to a correct plan? We believe it is a plan that incorporates the customer’s site specific requirements. We pride ourselves in having completed every project with great success for our customer because of our rigorous project management process.

What enables Delco to excel at this and not our competitors? Superior knowledge coupled with sensitivity. At Delco Automation we passionately focus on customer success and it is ingrained in our culture at every level. Our projects have been historical successes because our people are sensitive to the needs of the every stakeholder – the Project Managers, Consultants, Site Operations & Maintenance Personnel. Further, every Delco Automation project manager is armed with executive level support and a sophisticated set of business system tools to ensure their projects are a success.

As members of the Control Systems Integrator’s Association (CSIA), we subscribe to the best practices in the North American automation industry.

Our project managers are trained with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and utilize the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as guidelines for maintaining project controls.

Networked Project Management Software

At the core of our investment in project management is a business system we developed trade-named DelcoNucleus™. Included in the core of its project management features is a networked digital dashboard that visually displays (with color coding) the status of all project deliverables in our corporation. It is much like a graphical human machine interface in a control post, but for project events and deliverables. The system permits the PM’s to quickly drill down into the resources assigned for deliverables. It also visually annunciates key project milestones and checkpoints such that the Dept. Managers can drive the PM’s and the required resources to our customers’ targeted delivery dates.