Pushed by increased consumer demand and global competition, manufacturers have zero tolerance for interrupts to their essential power and telecom services. Power and telecom utilities must deliver services that are even more reliable then ever. Anything less then 100% up-time is unacceptable.Utility companies are faced with the formidable challenge of driving operating costs low and adhering to regulatory safe and reliable operating practices, while at the same time providing customers with maximum availability and responsiveness.The solution is high performance, scalable, and reliable automation and control systems designed by a reputable integrator. Delco Automation is a powerhouse of knowledge in all areas related to the automation and control of power generation, substation, and telecom communication centers.




DelcoAutomation and our people have years of experience providing automation and control products and services to power utility companies and their customers. We have designed and installed control systems for emergency back-up generator stations, industrial power plants, and generating stations. Our engineering group combined with our CSA Electrical Panel Products division provides our customers with “1 source of responsibility”. This ensures quality and dependability are built-in to all of our installations.

Case Profile: SaskPower

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Case Profile: Areva McLean Lake

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Energy Management

To remain globally competitive, manufacturers must control and reducing operating costs. Energy reduction is one of the primary goals. Effective monitoring and control of the power quality can help increase equipment life, improve productivity, and increase profits. Successful companies are installing energy management automation infrastructures that permit them to regain power over cost escalations.

DelcoAutomation has been assisting our customers realize energy savings with custom engineered demand monitoring and load shedding control systems. Our experience also includes integrating on-site power stations with the primary automation backbone for enhanced monitoring and control. We have developed extensive reporting systems to enable our customers to target opportunities for energy savings. Reports provide energy use profiles and schedules for each monitored area of the facility.

Our Delco Water division enables industrial customers to reduce energy through more efficient alternatives to process water usage. In a recent case, we performed a completed energy balance study for an industrial customer that included savings through improvements to plant process water and re-circulation.

Case Profile:

Suncor Energy Oil Sands – Fort McMurray, AB. A Delco Automation professional managed, engineered, and commissioned an EDMS system using AB PLC’s and Ethernet communications collecting data for historization and trending for use in Plant power study.

Case Profile:

Agrium Fertilizers, Vanscoy, SK. A DelcoAutomation professional managed, engineered, and commissioned an A-B PLC EDMS system using at this facility. The system collects data for historization and trending for use in plant power studies. The reports were synchronized with the power utility’s monthly invoices to simplify analysis.

Case Profile:

Delco Automation is pleased to be a primary control systems integrator for one of the leading suppliers of worldwide malt products for the brewing industry – Prairie Malt in Biggar, SK. Some of the best barley in the world is grown within a one hundred kilometre radius of this malt house, which has an annual capacity of 220,000 metric tonnes. Delco Automation is an expert in engineering automation and control systems to maximize the quality of barley malt and to reduce the total cost of production. Delco Automation has been instrumental in developing a PLC/HMI energy management systems at this facility. The system collects data for historization and trending for use in plant power studies. The reports were synchronized with the power utility’s monthly invoices to simplify analysis.


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Telecom service providers must provide urban and rural customers with 24/7/365 communications. They must provide such service while escalating competitive forces and demand for reduced operating costs tower overhead.

Delco Automation has years of experience providing cost-effective and reliable automation and controls solutions for Telco power stations. Our systems are based on open architecture, scalable solutions to reduce our customers’ total life cycle cost of investment.

Case Profile:

When SaskTel required a knowledgeable integrator to provide control systems expertise and equipment for their myriad of northern RTU sites they enlisted Delco Automation. SaskTel employs over 3,800 people in over 50 Saskatchewan communities and is the leading full service communications company in Saskatchewan . It offers complete wireline, wireless, internet, entertainment and e-business solutions over a state-of-the-art, digital network.

The northern RTU sites include diesel generator back-up power as well as monitoring of all key operating and alarm characteristics of the telecom switches. The equipment is housed in environmentally controlled durable metal fab buildings to withstand temperature extremes. Our engineering group provide the PLC software and hardware design, and our CSA Electrical Panel Products division provided the finished product. Our personnel were expedited on-site to complete the final installations. The systems continue to operate reliably with minimal service interruptions.

Case Profile:

SaskTel Generator Replacement Project. Delco Automation designed and commissioned the PLC/HMI systems for backup generator fail-over and open transition switching at the SaskTel’s state-of-the-art Corporate Data Center. Attention to detail was required to ensure all new systems could be brought online with zero interruption to service.




Our SCADA systems experience provides us with hands-on experience engineering wireless and wired telecom services across a myriad of remote sites. Delco Automation has experience with standard telemetry methods via direct connection, wide-area network (WAN), dial-up, leased line, fixed frequency radio, spread spectrum radio, and microwave.

The communciation architecture is selected on a case by case basis to provide the most cost effective and reliable system. The final backbone may deploy a combination of methods. Where reliability is critical, different methods may be implemented in parallel to provide multiple communication paths.

Case Profile:

City Of Surrey Emergency Services – Surrey, BC. Designed and installed a 5-node micro-wave/radio communication diagnostics PLC/HMI monitoring system for the city’s emergency response communication infrastructure.

Case Profile:

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