Oil & Gas

DelcoAutomation’s professionals have worked in the oil patch in Northern Alaska, oil sands in Northern Alberta, and degasification stations and compressor stations in Saskatchewan. Are you looking for an experienced oil & gas team to support your next oil and gas expansion efforts? DelcoAutomation is well positioned to support producers and contractors with a full suite of automation professionals, productsservices, and support.

We can provide automation and control services for several applications across the full spectrum of the oil and gas supply network including: wellheads, onshore and offshore drilling platforms, pipelines, custody transfer stations, compressors stations, blending terminals, refineries, petrochemical and power plants. Our people are experienced in developing reliable, fault tolerant SCADA systems with historians for data mining and ERP systems. Critical control applications for emergency shutdown systems (ESD), blow-out prevention (BOP), and burner management systems (BMS) are designed with dependability and safety built-in.




DelcoAutomation’s personnel have worked in the Alaskan oil patch at the Beaufort Sea, and in the oil sands of Northern Alberta. We are familiar with the hazardous area classifications in these environments. Our corporate safety program ensure our professionals will be working in these environments with the least possible risk.

Case Profile: BP Exploration (BPX) – Milne Point, Alaska

BPX’s Milne Point facility processes raw crude oil drawn from surrounding wells. The oil well-field and processing facility expansion project was 6 months behind schedule. BPX Project Management required an automation team to help get the project back on track. DelcoAutomation was there to help with the facility-wide PLC/HMI upgrade. DelcoAutomation personnel became part of a 30-man automation team, working rotating shifts, to design install and commission the new systems.

A communication layer in the PLC data concentrator was responsible for expediting shutdown commands and monitoring the remote well pads via spread spectrum modems. The existing logic was delaying the shutdown commands and updates to 20 plus seconds. In some cases, the delays exceeded 1 minute. This was unacceptable for a critical control situation. DelcoAutomation rewrote the PLC-to-PLC communication layer utilizing a poll-by-exception architecture. The result? Critical shutdown commands were reduced to less then 3 seconds, and monitor and alarm points were user configurable to 20 seconds and less.

Delco Automation also integrated the Daniels Flow meters at the metering stations into the automation system, and developed totalized flow calculations and a pipeline leak detection algorithm.

Click  here a profile of the value we created at BP AMECO Crude Oil , Milne Point, Alaska




DelcoAutomation has a history of providing product and service to distributors of natural gas, transporters of LPGN, and fuel consumers. We are familiar with hazardous area classifications in these environments. Our corporate safety program ensure our professionals will be working in these environments with the least possible risk.

Case Profile: Procor Rail Car Degasification Station – Regina, SK

Procor was expanding their Rail Car Degasification Station in Regina, SK. The general contractor committed to a design-build project that specified professional engineering certification of the instrumentation and controls packages be included. The schedule was slipping and the contractor was unable to locate an automation contractor with the required certification…until DelcoAutomation arrived. DelcoAutomation moved quickly on the project to provide professionally engineered I&C plan drawings, instrument specifications, PLC/HMI programming, and commissioning services. The project was completed on-time and within budget.

Click  here for a profile of our work at the Procor LGPN Rail Car Degasification Station in Regina,SK.

Case Profile: CP Rail Car Fueling Station

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) is a leading North American railway providing freight transportation services. CPR has over 14,000 miles of rail network across Canada.. The Moose Jaw locomotive fueling facility transfers over 117 million liters of fuel per year through 12 locomotive fueling stations which makes it CP rails largest fueling facility. DelcoAutomation provided the control systems for this state-of-the-art fueling platform.

Click  here for a profile of our work at the CP Rail Car Fueling Station in MooseJaw, SK.

Case Profile: TransGas Compressor Stations

DelcoAutomation supplied and tested the CSA-approved ethanol cooling and ESD panels for Prud’homme “A” & “B” plants, Loreburn, and Rosetown compressor stations.