Saskatchewan is home to some of the world’s largest mining corporations. Delco Automation and our team of professionals have garnered a solid core of automation expertise through decades of service to this industry. We have provided product and service to numerous mining projects.

From the copper mines in the BC interior, to potash mines, gold mines, northern uranium mines, and southern coal mines in Saskatchewan – Delco Automation’s people have been there. For our work in the gold and diamond mines, Delco Automation’s security division administers a credentialed security program to ensure all employees are screened prior to on-site work.

Automation and controls engineering, electrical panel products, on-site start-ups, and on-demand service have been provided to the exacting standards of the some of the largest and best-in-class mining operations in the world. Enlisting a Delco Automation professional on your next project aligns with your business objectives of consistent quality, higher yields, increased throughput, and reduced operating costs.

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Northern Saskatchewan contains some of the world’s richest deposits of uranium. Saskatchewan uranium corporation’s produce one-third of the world’s uranium. We have the world’s largest uranium mining industry based on the world’s richest deposits. Approximately half of Saskatchewan’s uranium production is exported to the US, and accounts for about five percent of US electricity consumption.

Case Profile:
Cameco’s McArthur River Mine in Northern Saskatchewan is one of the most advanced, but radioactive uranium mines in the world. Worker safety is a priority. When Cameco needed an innovative integrator to develop a mine-wide networked radon monitoring system to protect their workers, they called Delco Automation. The AlphaNuclear Prism Line of radon monitors are continuous working level (CWL) monitors which are used in most uranium mines today.

Delco Automation’s solution, tradenamed PrismLink™, networks all of the AlphaNuclear radon monitors in near real-time, and provides operations with advanced warning systems to alert personnel of potentially dangerous radon levels in the mine. Operator warning stations may cost-effectively added to the network via Ethernet.

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Case Profile:
When Areva (Cogema) McLean Lake Uranium Mine needed a team to manage the automation systems commissioning for their new mill, they called upon DelcoAutomation. DelcoAutomation supervised engineers, instrument technicians, and electricians in the testing and start-up of all areas of the new mill including the hazardous area acid plant. DelcoAutomation’s engineers also provided control systems design services for the plant-wide controls network, PLC programming, and our manufacturing division provided all of the CSA approved electrical panel products .

Click  here to learn more about our assistance in starting up the Areva McClean Lake uranium mine.

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DelcoAutomation’s personnel have provided feasibility studies for dragline, reclaim, calciner, and legal-for-trade loadout automation upgrades. In the past few years there has been a resurgence in demand for coal. With this increased demand there has been a requirement for control system upgrades to several coal mines.

Case Profile:
When Luscar Ltd. required automation upgrades to their draglines they contacted DelcoAutomation.

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Saskatchewan has the largest potash reserves in the world – enough to supply current demand for hundreds of years. Our potash helps grow crops around the world. Saskatchewan is home to the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS), the world’s largest potash company, with 22 percent of the world’s overall capacity and 75 percent of the world’s unused capacity. PCS is also the world’s third-largest phosphate producer and fourth-largest nitrogen producer. Agrium and Mosaic also have a strong presence in the Province with successful potash and fertilizer operations.

Delco Automation consists of several key personnel with decades of experience in the potash mines and mills of Saskatchewan. Our personnel have completed several projects for the potash industry including ore analyzer R&D for miner guidance systems, underground mine-wide SCADA communication systems for conveyage systems, control systems for undergound conveyors, reclaim, grinding, separation, compaction, drying, storage, and legal-for-trade load out areas. In addition to our automation services, Delco Automation also continues to serve this industry with superior CSA-approved electrical panel products .

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