Correctional centers and courthouses require some of the most fault-tolerant and reliable security systems. At Delco Security we built our reputation installing security systems to the demanding standards of the federal, provincial, and municipal authorities for our nation’s most sensitive and secure of facilities. Delco Security has credentialed security screening programs installed to guarantee the clearance of our proposed personnel at your site. References are available upon request.



Correctional Centers, Psychiatric Facilities, Women’s Institutes, and Young Offenders Centers

Delco Security is a best-in-class supplier of high-speed, networked integrated security systems for correctional centers, women’s institutes, psychiatric centers, and young offender centers.

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Delco Security’s flagship product – Apex provides security officers with a single point of control to manage all of the security systems in their facility. Door, cell, and gate control, perimeter intrusion detection, guard watch tours, personal duress (active and passive systems), fire alarm evacuations, , utility controls (HVAC, lighting, power, water, telephone, cable TV), video surveillance and recording.

Federal Prisons – Correctional Service of Canada

Provincial and Municipal Jails

Young Offender Centers

Military Garrisons

Psychiatric Centers




A courthouse security environment is uniquely challenging. This is especially true if the courthouse includes a detention facility. Special protection must be provided for judges, lawyers, and courthouse staff. Facility-wide notification of courtroom locations and trial status also becomes critical if efficient management of human traffic in the facility is a concern

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Delco Security has specialized knowledge and products designed to suit some of the most demanding courthouse security environments. We are currently designing systems for one of our nation’s largest and most advanced courthouse complexes. Our Apex product is used to integrate all of the security systems into a single point of management and alarming for the guards: CCTV, active/passive duress systems, detention cell locking systems, and access control systems.

Our networked courtroom status monitoring system is used facility wide to keep staff and visitors up-to-date on the status of the courtroom sessions (vacant, seating, in-progress).

Many of the courthouses in our nation have been deemed heritage sites. Special care and attention must be provided in order to blend new security technologies into the environment with minimal modification to the original structure. Delco Security has developed considerable expertise installing systems into a heritage site environment.

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