Industrial Commercial

Industrial environments can present caustic and hazardous environments for conventional security equipment. Delco Security’s roots, Delco Automation, are based on engineering and installing process control systems in these environments so we know what it takes to specify industrially hardened systems. Modern security systems are also migrating towards networked architectures on IP-based backbones, and the management at those facilities are seeing the advantages to integrating key security indicators and alarming into the plant’s central control and monitoring stations. Delco Security has years of experience engineering fault-tolerant redundant network backbones and multiple server data centers.

Industrial facility managers are discovering the additional benefits to an on-site security system aside from basic protection of assets. Worker safety is improved. Intrusion into confined space entries or hazardous areas can be alerted. Video recording can be used to aid in investigation of worker’s accident claims, theft, assaults, or parking lot activities.

CCTV surveillance at industrial sites can pose some particular challenges – ambient steam, exhaust, condensation, acidic and moist atmospheres. DelcoSecurity has experience working in these environments and specifying equipment that will get the job done.

How Secure Is Your Water Facility? Considerable attention is typically given when specifying the optimal equipment to treat consumer water but often, little regard is given to securing the premises from deliberate threats to the water supply. Surveillance systems and access control are fast becoming basic measures to protect the water source. Delco Security’s roots are based in the water treatment plant environment (reference Delco Water). Let us help you maximize the protection of your water resources.



Commercial Facilities

Delco Security’s personnel have decades of experience engineering and installing security systems in commercial facilities such as casinos, corporate office towers, multi-unit condominium complexes, malls, hotels, warehouses, parking lots, and airports to name a few. Each facility is unique in design, and every facility manager has unique security requirements. Delco Security is there to listen and collaborate with you to develop a best-practices security threat analysis – custom tailored for your needs.