Manufacturers of pulp and paper and value-added wood products must improve product quality, production efficiency, and flexibility to stay competitive. Global competitiveness and increased pressures driving costs demand it.

Delco Automation’s roots are planted in the pulp and paper industry. Our people have worked on pulp and paper mega-projects in mills on Vancouver Island, to the BC interior, to Northern Saskatchewan. Our automation and controls services can help companies reduce downtime as well as comply with environmental regulations using enhanced performance and reporting features.



Pulp & Paper

Our senior personnel have been involved in several Western Canadian pulp and paper projects in Western Canada. Automation and controls design services have been provided across several areas of the pulp and paper process including: wood & chip handling, sulfite & kraft pulping, batch & continuous digesters, liquor recovery, & bleaching. Effluent treatment systems such as chlorine dioxide plants, and lime kiln electrostatic precipitators (ESP).

Case Profile:

Crofton Pulp on Vancouver Island is one-half of Fletcher Challenge Canada’s operations. Today, the Crofton pulp mill is a two-line kraft mill producing 1,060 mtpd of northern bleached sulfite kraft (NBSK) pulp, of which 150 mtons are used for paper production. DelcoAutomation personnel were responsible for the control systems design for the new Kraft mill expansion including software design of PLC systems and DCS interfacing.


Case Profile:

Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.’s Prince Albert, SK Pulp & Paper mill. Prince Albert Pulp & Paper employed 850 people, with an annual capacity of 325,000 tonnes of Bleached Kraft pulp and 210,000 tons of uncoated free-sheet. DelcoAutomation’s engineers and technicians were involved in automation and control system design and programming for this mill prior to its closure.

Projects to optimize the existing automation infrastructure were completed in the following areas:

  • Wood room upgrade – HMI and control panel design and fabrication for woodroom automation upgrade.
  • Wood room optimization – Debarking Drum, Chipper, Hog Chipper, Slasher Deck
  • Paper Machine Optimization – Calender Control, Felt Washer control, DRC drive control, Starch Control, Dryer Control, Granite Roll Optimization, Tail Threader Optimization, IR Control, Chemical System Optimization, Roll Handling / Winder optimization.
  • Pulp Mill – Chemical Optimization, Felt Washer Control



Saw Mills

Case Profile:

NorSask Forest Products Meadow Lake mill is a state-of-the-art forestry operation which exports quality wood products to world markets. DelcoAutomation designed and manufactured CSA-approved electrical panel products for this facility.




Case Profile:

Weyerhaueser Canada Ltd. (formerly Saskatchewan Forest Products) owns a plywood plant in Hudson Bay, SK that employs 190 people. DelcoAutomation’s professionals were responsible for designing, programming, and fabricating panel products for a plywood sander/jointer PLC control system.



Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Case Profile: 

Weyerhaueser Canada’s OSB 2000 mill in Hudson Bay, SK has 10.6 acres (460,000 square feet) under one roof. OSB 2000 has an annual production capacity of 600MMSF (3Ú8 in. basis), making it one of the largest OSB producers in North America. The production area, warehouse and offices cover 11 acres, making the facility Saskatchewan’s largest industrial building. Delco Automation is pleased to have provided engineering and fabrication of electrical control panel products and on-site installation services for the mill.