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Delco Automation makes the foods you produce taste even better and at the least cost. How? Through tightly controlled process automation systems that optimize the quality of the final product, optimize your mix of ingredients, and reduce your total energy consumption. From beer to cereals, granola bars, donuts, breads, oils, cheese, milk, pork and hamburgers, Delco Automation’s process control expertise has touched a wide range of consumables that are shipped worldwide and served on your customers’ plates.

The people at Delco Automation go the extra mile to understand the processes at your plant – the very processes that make the difference between a consumer choosing your product over your competitors’. We will not rest until we know we have tweaked every ounce of performance from your processing equipment. Our customers can take comfort in knowing that Delco Automation is experienced working on projects in facilities governed by CFIA/USDA/HACCP standards. Malt Plants | Oat Processing | Canola Crushing | Dairy Processors | Flour Mills | Pork Processors | Hamburger Manufactures

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Malt Plants

Case Profile:

Delco Automation is pleased to be a primary control systems integrator for one of the leading suppliers of worldwide malt products for the brewing industry – Prairie Malt in Biggar, SK. Some of the best barley in the world is grown within a one hundred kilometre radius of this malt house, which has an annual capacity of 220,000 metric tonnes. Delco Automation is an expert in engineering automation and control systems to maximize the quality of barley malt and to reduce the total cost of production.

Delco Automation has been instrumental in developing technological innovations in processes for steeping, germination and kilning, legal-for-trade load-outs, and energy management systems at this facility.

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Oat Processing

High-performance automation solutions are the building blocks to a successful oat processing business. When one of the leading raw oat processing manufacturers in the world wanted to build a new facility who did they call upon? Delco Automation.

Case Profile:

We are pleased to be a premiere control systems supplier to one of the most state-of-the-art processed raw oats facilities in our nation. Can-Oat Milling operates milling facility in Portage la Prairie, MB and Saskatoon SK. The milling terminals are highly automated and operate seven days a week. The Milling terminal at Saskatoon produces intermediate to finished products from the raw oats. The plant consists of various automated control systems such as raw oat cleaning, cutting, grinding, processing and finish product/by product load out system. Delco Automation also developed management reporting systems with algorithms to compute yield efficiencies.

Click  here for a brief overview of the value we create at Can-Oat Milling: Oat storage facility



Canola Crushing

Canola oil is an edible product that is used in salads, frying, margarine and potentially for bio-diesel fuel. Saskatchewan is situated in the heart of Western Canada’s prime canola growing region and it is the largest producer of canola in Canada. Cargill’s facility in Saskatchewan is described as the largest canola crushing plant in North America.

Case Profile:

Bunge Canada is one of Canada’s largest oilseed processors with five crushing plants located across Canada. Bunge Canada processes canola, flax and specialty oil seeds at four plants located in western Canada and processes soybeans and canola in Hamilton, Ontario. When Bunge Canada required a knowledgeable team to prepare a feasibility study for their automation upgrade and expansion at their Nipawin Canola Crushing plant, they contacted Delco Automation.

Delco Automation reviewed I&C requirements and prepared estimates for all areas of the plant including seed cleaning, seed preconditioning and flaking, seed cooking, pressing, solvent extraction, desolventizing and toasting of the meal, and load out. Delco Automation completed the study and the capital budget was later approved for the current expansion. Delco Automation continues to provide detailed engineering assistance for the instrumentation and controls packages.



Dairy Processors

Case Profile:

Saputo Inc. is the largest dairy processor in Canada and among the top dairy and cheese processors in the world. The Saskatoon facility is one of only a few dairy plants in Western Canada and generally handles the processing of all the milk produced in Saskatchewan as well as a portion of that produced in Manitoba and Alberta. Products from the Saskatoon facility include milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, dips, yogurts, cheese, whey products and special mixes both in liquid and dried powder forms.

Delco Automation is proud to be an integrator of choice for Saputo’s Saskatoon facility through our provision of a full range of automation products and services.

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Flour Mills

Case Profile:

When Robin Hood required automation upgrades to their Oat Processing control systems in their Saskatoon mill, Delco Automation was there to help. Robin Hood Multifoods Inc. is a Canadian subsidiary of International Multifoods Inc. The mill in Saskatoon produces a full line of milled grain products including wheat flour and rolled oats as well as mixes for bakeries and restaurants. The plant is a 24/7 operational facility and downtime can be costly.

The primary challenge of the upgrade was to ensure minimal disruption to services during the cut-over, and to develop a reporting system that would meet or exceeded the existing system. Delco Automation upgraded the PLC processors to modern Ethernet controllers, redeveloped the HMI graphics on the latest platform, and deployed a new reporting system. Site acceptance testing of the new system was completed while the existing system remained running without interruption. The transition was smooth and the project was completed successfully.



Pork Processors

Case Profile:

Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods is one of Canada’s leading value-added pork processors. Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, they employ more than 1,400 people. The plant produces a full line of gourmet pork products including wieners, sausages, bacon, and smoked meats.

Delco Automation is proud to be a supplier of control systems productsservices, and support to this state-of-the-art facility. Our people also have hands-on experience servicing the industrial grade compressors for the hog blast which allows rapid chill of the carcasses.



Hamburger Manufactures

New Food Classics manufactures a specialty line of gourmet frozen beef patties in its Saskatoon plant. Delco Automation is proud to be a supplier of control systems productsservices, and support to this state-of-the-art facility.