Delco Automation, with our head office in Saskatchewan, possesses a wealth of experience with each process circuit in an ethanol plant, and we are poised to bring our expertise to the global marketplace.

Delco Automation has completed a resume of work on high-throughput storage and handling facilities, legal-for-trade load out operations, distillation, evaporation, and drying processes, and yield/efficiency reporting systems in a multitude of market sectors including agriculture and food and beverage industries. In recent years, we completed automation engineering feasibility studies for the Belle Plain Ethanol facility in Saskatchewan and provided engineering and supply of CSA Electrical Panel Products for the NorAmera BioEnergy Corp. ethanol facility in Weyburn, SK.

We possess experience in all hazardous area classifications and are backed by a credentialed corporate safety program. We remain confident working on-site in these areas. With our expertise of superior project management and our talent for optimizing mass energy transfers, maintaining tight control of temperature loops, and installing energy saving algorithms, you have a best-in-class solution for your next ethanol plant.

Interested in how Delco Automation can improve the quality of your ethanol fuel and reduce your operating costs through effective automation solutions? Contact sales for more information.