It is becoming the responsibility of every corporation to protect our environment if we wish to remain economically viable in the future. Manufacturers of waste and environmental control equipment are under increasing demand to innovate and produce solutions to meet even stricter regulatory controls. Delco Automation is here to do our part.The heart and soul of an effective, high-performance environmental control system is the automation backbone. A high performance automation system ensures the maximum life-cycle investment for the environmental equipment. Adherence to strict environmental regulatory levels are also achieved with proper monitoring and controls.Delco Automation can provide automation and controls products and services for environmental systems located in a manufacturer’s plant or to OEM’s of environmental equipment.




Delco Automation has an extensive history installing controls for effluent treatment systems including dust collection systems, chlorine dioxide plants, and electrostatic precipitators. We have done so across a myriad of industrial facilities in the food & beverageminingagriculturemanufacturingutilities, oil & gasforestry, and water & wastewater sectors.




Our Delco Water division continues to ensure water and wastewater sources are treated with the minimal amount of chemicals. Industrial process water studies are also performed to ensure, where possible, all unused process water can be treated or recirculated for reuse.




Delco Automation can develop control systems for soils reclamation suppliers that will remediate soil conditions to meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Case Profile:

Click  here to learn more about our soils reclamation remediation solution for Conor Pacific Environmental Technologies.

The clock is ticking to produce innovative research and equipment to protect our environment. Contact Sales to enlist us as your next automation partner.