Chemical companies must maintain the highest safety and security standards while remaining competitive in the global market. DelcoAutomation has broad experience helping companies with demanding manufacturing environments and offers solutions to achieve high equipment availability as well as optimal yield and efficiency. We also provide process controls to ensure greater consistency when using different raw materials, equipment and production systems.

Delco Automation has completed a multitude of automation projects for the sequential, batch, and continuous control of chemical additions for process manufacturers in food & beverageminingagricultureforestry, and water treatment sectors. We have also completed several projects for the chemical manufacturing industry including producers of formaldehydes for resins and fertilizers.




Case Profile:

The communication backbone for the automation system at the Borden Chemical plant in Edmonton, Alberta was bottle-necking the operation. The Edmonton complex is one of the largest manufacturing operations in Borden Chemical’s plant network. The operator control stations were grinding to a halt with update times exceeding 20 seconds. Additional operator control stations could no longer be added or the network would fail completely. DelcoAutomation was enlisted to improve the performance of their control system network. Our professionals performed a traffic study and a feasibility report. We upgraded the entire control network infrastructure with zero interruption to their existing process control system. Updates were reduced to less then 1 second.



Potash Fertilizer

The production of fertilizers is a large segment of the chemicals industry. Nitrogen fertilizers account for 59% of world fertilizer production; phosphate fertilizers for 24%; and potash fertilizers for 17%. Saskatchewan provides 30 per cent of the world’s potash fertilizer supply and Potash Corp estimates it is sitting on 85 per cent of the world’s unused capacity.

DelcoAutomation, with our corporate headquarters located in Saskatchewan, has extensive experience providing product and service to the fertilizer industry. Our people have years of service to some of the world’s largest potash fertilizers companies including Potash Corp, Mosaic, and Agrium. Review our mining sector solutions for more information.



Ammonium Suflfate Fertilizer

Case Profile:

Marsulex owns and operates a portion of the environmental compliance facilities at the Syncrude Canada UE1 coker expansion at Mildred Lake, Alberta. The emission control system utilizes a waste ammonia stream and Marsulex technology to scrub emissions, and the Marsulex facility creates granular ammonium sulphate fertilizer as a value added by-product.

Click  here to learn more about the value we have added at Marsulex’s Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer Plant.