With our corporate headquarters located in the heart of the nation’s grain belt, and our tremendous knowledge-base, DelcoAutomation’s customers continue to receive the value of our specialized automation productsservices, & support. Delco Automation’s huge field of expertise in high-throughput concrete and /services/steel grain terminals, feed and seed plants, research greenhouses, and ag-bio research facilities can add value to your next project.

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Grain Handling & Storage

Delco Automation has an impressive resume of experience in the development and installation of automation systems for the demanding requirements of the world’s largest high-throughput grain companies. In the late ’90’s the major grain corporations moved forward rapidly to consolidate their network of rural elevators to a network of concrete high-throughput terminals. Delco Automation was there to provide high-speed, networked control systems with specialized features to provide inventory management, preventative maintenance, and integration of: cleaning systems, distributors, truck scales, bulk weighing systems, dryers, and hazard monitoring.

We have also cross-pollinated our specialized knowledge of high-throughput, minimal lag grain handling and storage systems into our world class customers’ facilities in the food & beverage sector.

Case Profile: Agricore United

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Case Profile: Cargill

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Feed & Seed Plants

Saskatchewan is a leader in the dramatic increase in production and primary processing of specialty crops (herbs & spices) and pulse crops Pulses are the seeds of legumes that are used as food, and they include pea, bean, lentil, chickpea and fababean. Saskatchewan is Canada’s leading producer of peas, lentils and chickpeas. The majority of the Canadian specialty crop industry is based in Saskatchewan.

With our corporate headquarters based in Saskatchewan, Delco Automation’s people have had a long history of supplying product and service to the feed and seed industry. We understand the customers’ challenge of operating a viable, yet reliable, feed and seed plant. Because of this, Delco Automation has developed very economical, but extremely reliable control systems for these facilities.

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Environmental Research Greenhouses

Plant breeding, biotechnology and plant pathology programs are expanding within the research and commercial communities. This increased demand brings with it the requirement for state-of-the-art research greenhouse infrastructures. Modern environmental research greenhouses cannot be managed without reliable, high-performance control systems. The automation infrastructure must provide unparalleled environmental performance in the control of temperature, humidity, air velocity and light intensity.

Delco Automation is pleased to have been involved in engineering studies and control system services for some of the best-in-class research facilities in the world.

Case Profile: U of S Phytotron Research Facility

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Case Profile: L.F. Kristjanson Biotechnology Complex

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Bio Processing

Case Profile: Innovation Place Bio Processing Centre

The Innovation Place Bio Processing Centre in Saskatoon is one of the most advanced bio-processing facilities in Canada. The center provides processing for the nutraceutical, cosmetic and agri-food industries. The plant has a wide range of wet processing equipment to carry out extraction or fractionation work using aqueous alcohol as a working solvent. Delco Automation is pleased to be providing the center with ongoing automation system productsservices, & support for their facility.