Universities typically offer a greater security challenge than corporations. A university’s assets are located in many separate buildings, usually in a campus setting, but sometimes located beyond the confines of the campus. Universities are required to provide easy, open access to the public. Their populations, especially students, have a very high annual turnover. Further, a very large component of a university’s assets are its intellectual property which is stored on and managed on its computer network.

There is a growing trend in the security industry to bring together the physical security environment and the cyber security environment into a single security framework. The convergence of these two security infrastructures is becoming especially important to the universities. At Delco Security, we are taking an active role in both the development and implementation of the emerging convergence technologies.

Delco Security has several solutions for integrated security systems in a university environment. For universities that already have open-systems controllers and graphics stations installed to maintain their HVAC and ancillary systems, our  Apex Data Sheet product may be desirable.